Academic support

  • A process of redesign based upon new principles that incorporate structure, content and assessment requires a concerted academic effort in order to thoughtfully refresh the curriculum and reconsider some pedagogic principles and current practice in teaching, learning and assessment.

    Support and guidance will be provided to programme and subject teams undergoing this process, in order to inform their thinking and influence the course design that is currently in progress. To provide this support, OCSLD and the Senior Transition Manager have jointly created an Academic Support Plan that will ensure all operational and pedagogical elements are carefully considered. 

  • Information and guidance sessions

    The sessions will be delivered by the Senior Transition Manager (STM). The audience and frequency of these sessions will be decided by the ADSEs of each Faculty.

    During these sessions, the STM will introduce:

    Programme journey sessions

    Optional sessions for academic colleagues, delivered by the Senior Transition Manager (STM). ADSEs will decide if these sessions are necessary for each Faculty.

    During these sessions, the STM will introduce:

    Programme Journey Guide

    A short guide created by the STM that will inform academic colleagues of the options, deadlines and procedures in place to undertake the structural change to their programmes.

    OCSLD support

    Options for pedagogic support that will be more suitable for individual cases.

    OCSLD pedagogic support


    Sessions will be delivered by OCSLD. Collaborate! workshops are based on the model of Curriculum Design Intensives and are facilitated by an Educational Developer so that teaching staff can explore what is possible for a particular programme. Typically, these workshops last one day or two half days.

    Coming together: Faculty Programme Lead Fora

    Within each Faculty, there is a Programme Leads’ Forum designed to facilitate debate, innovation, and getting things done.  

    Curriculum change

    OCSLD’s team of Educational Developers will be available to support programme teams. 

    The Academic Framework Pedagogic Support will provide detailed information regarding the pedagogic support provided by OCSLD.