Governance Framework - Workstreams C and F

  • The purpose of the Academic Framework governance is to provide direction and facilitate the decision-making procedures on each one of the Academic Framework workstrands and/or impacted areas. It also creates a forum for issue resolution to occur in a timely manner, facilitating this way the long-term success of the project.

    Senior Management Bodies

    • Quality and Learning Infrastructure Committee (QLIC)
    • Vice-Chancellor's Group
    • Academic Board

    Programme Assurance Change Board

    Design Authority

    This group has ongoing oversight of the programme, including strategic management of risk and benefits. It sets overall parameters and priorities, as well as links to other OBU strategic projects and initiatives.

    Design Team

    Established by the Senior Transition Manager to help drive the programme forward on an ongoing basis. This team has a general overview of all the Academic Framework areas and analyses the overall impact of the workstrand working groups decisions.

    Workstrand Leadership Groups

    Each area of impact of the workstrand will have an established working group to take the necessary decisions required by that area of the Academic Framework.