Key milestones for Academic Framework and SRS implementation

  • Workstream C timeline

    In light of the changes that the University is currently undertaking with the implementation of Banner as a new Student Record System and the new Academic Framework, we appreciate the need to have a clear outline of key dates regarding these two initiatives and how they overlap with each other.

    February 2019

    Deadline to submit Level 4 major/minor changes (where possible).


    June 2019

    Banner goes live

    Completion of the curriculum information, structures and student data testing.


    August 2019

    Main deadline to submit Level 5 and 6 major/minor changes.

    (Level 4 changes can be submitted by this date too.)


    February 2020

    Deadline to submit outstanding major/minor changes for complete adherence to the academic framework structure.


    September 2020

    Entry of first cohort of students under the new academic framework begin their studies

    Level 4, 5 and 6 Academic Framework-related major/minor changes reflected in the system (changes submitted after February 2019).

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