Single honours

  • The principles for single honours programme structure and design are as follows:

    • Level 4: Compulsory Modules x 6 (minimum); Optional Modules x 2 (maximum, from a choice of 4)
    • Level 5: Compulsory Modules x 4 (minimum); Optional Modules x 4 (maximum, from a choice of 8)
    • Level 6: Compulsory Modules x 2 (minimum); Optional Modules x 6 (maximum, from a choice of 10)

    This can also be expressed in terms of module credits to recognise (for example) 30 credit modules:

    • Level 4: Compulsory Module Credits x 90 (minimum); Optional Module Credits x 30 (maximum, from a choice of 60)
    • Level 5: Compulsory Module Credits x 60 (minimum); Optional Module Credits x 60 (maximum, from a choice of 120)
    • Level 6: Compulsory Module Credits x 30 (minimum); Optional Module Credits x 90 (maximum, from a choice of 150)

    Colleagues should be aware that future programme structures will employ a reduced range of terms to describe module status. Within the new Student Record System, only the terms Compulsory and Optional will be available to us and that is consistent with the commitment to enhance the logic and structure of our programmes to students.