Workstream F: Effective, Timely and Efficient Student Module Choice

  • Workstream F is termed Effective, Timely and Efficient Student Module Choice and it has examined the timing and the frequency of module addition deadlines for continuing students at Oxford Brookes.

    After listening to feedback from staff and students, module registration deadlines for continuing students will be in April, September and January. The timing of these deadlines will facilitate a good balance between a suitable time for informed decision making for students regarding their module choices and appropriate lead times for the planning and delivery of modules, workload and other core University processes.

    There will be a single module registration deadline per continuing student, but three registration dates for the University, as each group of continuing students will have just one date to register their options. 


    John Kirk (Director of ASA and Academic Registrar)

    Operational Implementation Lead:

    Maritza Miranda


    Implementation phase


    Workstream F aims to:

    • Achieve a more “Effective, Timely and Efficient Student Module Choice”
    • Facilitate a good balance between informed decision making for students and appropriate lead times for planning delivery
    • Allow timetabling processes to be completed earlier
    • Maximise effective use of space and resources
    • Improve staff and student experience regarding module registration and timetabling.


    This workstream is limited to the management and support of continuing student module choice processes. It covers all continuing students that need to register their modules for their following academic year.

    • Undergraduate students: Full time (FT) / Part time (PT) / Sandwich (SW)
    • Postgraduate students: PT/SW
    • Further education students: FT/PT/SW
    • Exchange and study abroad students.

    It is not within the scope of the project to extend this workstream to postgraduate research students.