Local guidance

  • Academic Adviser

    An Academic Adviser works with a student for the whole period of their programme/course providing continuity and support for the student in their studies and helping students consider future options.

    Academic Conduct

    An Academic Conduct Officer investigates cases of plagiarism, collusion or other forms of cheating, usually referred by the Module Leader. They may interview the student concerned.

    Dissertation Supervisor

    Students who undertake a Dissertation (or Project) are allocated at least one supervisor to oversee the student’s work. The supervisor will be one of the two markers of the project/dissertation.

    Module Leaders

    Module Leaders are responsible for teaching and assessment on a module. They usually teach on the module as lecturer and sometimes lead seminars. They receive requests through PIP for mitigating circumstances of less than one week.

    Placement Tutor

    Every student on placement will be allocated a Placement Tutor whose job it is to monitor the placement and support to the student whilst on placement. They are usually responsible for marking assessed work connected to the placement.

    Programme Lead

    The Programme Lead is in charge of the academic health of their subject plus the curriculum development, assessment patterns and general monitoring of the degree. Therefore any concerns about quality issues should be referred to the Programme Lead.

    Programme Administrator

    Programme Administrators provide administrative support to a set portfolio of programmes.

    Subject Co-ordinator

    Subject Co-ordinators take responsibility for a particular subject area or programme. They can be delegated responsibility for particular elements of the running of the degree eg Subject Examination Committee Chair, Exchange Tutor, Credit Entry Tutor, Induction.

    Student Support

    Student Support Co-ordinators are a first port of call to provide personal and academic support directly to students. They can give advice on programme regulations, University Regulations (eg enrolment, fees, etc) and can highlight personal support provided to students (and their Academic Adviser).