What is the role of an Academic Adviser?

  • As an Academic Adviser, you have a key role in promoting students' sense of belonging to an academic community and supporting their development as a successful learner within Brookes and beyond.

    Academic guidance includes:

    • development of a student's conceptions of learning, study skills and critical self-awareness.
    • providing and encouraging supportive relations between students, and between staff and students.
    • providing a holistic perspective on a student's academic progress across the modules within their programme
    • providing continuity when access to other staff such as module leaders changes
    • maintaining motivation and a sense of purpose

    Be the best you can be

    Lyn Bibbings, Academic Adviser in the Business and Management Department in the Business Faculty, talks of working with the advisee to become the best that they can be at university and beyond.

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    Academic cheerleader

    Leander Reeves, Academic Adviser in the International Centre for Publishing Studies, on being an 'academic cheerleader'.

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    In practice, you are expected to be proactive in:

    • supporting students to put together a coherent academic programme with their future in mind
    • reviewing academic progress, including reviewing a student's understanding of feedback on assessed work
    • discussing the overall academic performance of students, including their developing Grade Point Average and Honours Degree Classification.
    • helping students to assess how they are meeting the programme learning outcomes
    • discussing obstacles or blocks to learning
    • encouraging students, from the beginning of their studies, to engage with a range of developmental activities to enhance their employability
    • providing academic references

    As a professional, you should always:

    • keep records of meetings with your advisees as appropriate
    • reflect on your own performance as an Academic Adviser

    In relation to advising on careers and employability, this might include signposting information, advice and guidance available from the  Careers Centre.

    Academic guidance is an extremely important part of a student's experience, and one that is associated with improvements in satisfaction, retention and academic success.