Developing graduate attributes

  • A significant role for you, as an Academic Adviser, is to support your advisee's engagement with learning and sense of academic success, encouraging them to develop skills and behaviours that will help them through their academic studies and beyond.

    All academic programmes at Brookes are mapped against the five Brookes attributes, which are:

    • Academic literacy
    • Research literacy
    • Critical self-awareness and personal literacy
    • Digital and information literacy
    • Active citizenship

    You should be able to identify where in each advisee's programme each of these are taught, developed or assessed.

    Alice Glaze, a final year tourism student, Oxford School of Hospitality Management, talks about the professional opportunities enabled by the Academic Adviser.

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    Professor Constantine Sandis, Academic Adviser in the Department of History, Philosophy and Religion, on the value of adopting a disciplinary perspective on employability.

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    Leander Reeves, Academic Adviser in the International Centre for Publishing Studies, boosts awareness and confidence in advisees through an audit of achievement.

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    Depending on the level of study, i.e. Foundation, Honours Degree or Masters, these five attributes are slightly differently defined. However, the overall intentions are the same and the attributes describe the dispositions and qualities that our graduates take into their next context. As an Academic Adviser, it is important to bear these five attributes in mind when consulting with advisees, and make them explicit in your conversations, and relate them to their academic programme of study.