Working with groups of advisees

  • Opportunities to work with your advisees in a group are to be encouraged.

    Whilst the one-to-one advising tutorial allows the individual advisee to explore personal concerns, group-based tutorials bring all the benefits of groupworking that students value, namely:

    • offers mutual support and encouragement
    • builds a sense of a learning community
    • provides a safe space to explore different perspectives and approaches

    The principles of student group work apply in this context just as much as in other teaching contexts. Skills development for advisees at the same stage in the programme helps to facilitate the development of Brookes graduate attributes.

    You also can bring advisees together across the years, which fosters more of a mentoring relationship amongst your advisees. This encourages greater reflection by advisees in their later stages of the programme, both on their academic progress and on the wider opportunities they have taken advantage of whilst at University, such as work-based learning, study abroad, field trips and research. The advisees who are earlier in their academic career are more ready to take up these opportunities because of the insights provided by their peers.

    Student mentoring across years

    Berry O'Donovan, Academic Adviser for the Combined Honours Programme in the Faculty of Business, encourages advisees to support each other across the years.

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    Study buddies

    Leander Reeves, Academic Adviser in the International Centre for Publishing Studies, brings advisees across the programme together as study buddies if they are studying in a similar area.

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