Grade Point Average and honours classification

  • What is it?

    Grade Point Average (GPA) is a calculation of how well a student is performing based on their complete set of marks. GPA is understood internationally on the graduate job market and its introduction at Brookes, alongside Degree Classification, is intended to improve employment prospects.

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    The calculation of the degree classification is entirely independent of the calculation of the GPA. Rules concerning the classification of degrees are contained in the Specific Regulations for the programme concerned.

    In contrast to a degree classification, e.g. 2:1, 2:2, the GPA score is a simple, mean average with each module counting equally according to its credit value, i.e. 1 credit carries equal weighting irrespective of level, subject, when taken etc. This means that, for example, at level 4, 5, or 6 a single module (15 credits) counts once in the calculation of the GPA, a double module (30 credits) counts twice and so on. The GPA score is capped at 4.00.

    Apart from the addition of the GPA score for new students starting undergraduate courses in 2013-14, there is no other major structural change to the curriculum. Mitigation, mediation, appeals, are as before, as are the Examination Committees.