Misuse of alcohol

  • The University's position at present is that the consequences of misuse of alcohol lie within both the disciplinary and the educational framework.

    If a student breaks the Conduct Regulations, they are disciplined accordingly. If they are not breaking any regulations, there is at present no sanction for drinking too much. If a student's drinking habits seem to be causing other problems, staff may feel they need to intervene - a Duty Warden may find themselves in this position. Teaching staff or an Academic Adviser may notice that a student has a problem that is affecting their studies - in which case, you may wish to broach the subject in confidence, or suggest sources of help or people to talk to. But if the student does not see it as a problem, and they do not fall foul of other provisions, there is little you can do.

    Drink spiking

    Students who have been out drinking and cannot remember how they finished the night, what happened or how they got home, may have been a victim of drink spiking. If the student is concerned that this may have happened, please refer them to the Medical Centre for support.