Mitigating circumstances

  • The University defines mitigating circumstances as: 'circumstances which are beyond the control of the student and which could not be reasonably accommodated by the student and which seriously impair performance in assessment.'

    Please see the Mitigating Circumstances page for Students to find out more about the process.

    Students who wish any specific circumstance to be taken into account in relation to their performance in an assessment must follow the Regulations for Consideration of Mitigating Circumstances. Usefully, Student Central have provided A brief guide for students (August 2018).

    What you need to know

    The most important aspect of the regulations in relation to the advice you give is that students must apply for this themselves, online (or if not possible, with a paper form), and wherever possible before the coursework deadline or examination.

    Students must produce all necessary evidence to support their application, and forms will not be considered until this evidence is provided.

    Students can find the link to the request form at the top of their "Record & Results" page in PIP.

    If they are unable to access the electronic Mitigating Circumstances form via PIP, they must contact Student Central or their Student Support Coordinator for a Word version of the form.

    Where to refer your advisees for help

    Brookes Union Advice Service has produced a clear and concise Factsheet on Mitigating Circumstances which is a good place to direct students, since it presents a useful flowchart of what to do, and in what sequence.

    Student Central advises students to contact a Student Support Co-ordinator, Student Central directly or the Brookes Union Advice Service for independent advice.