Brookes' procedures on illegal drugs

  • The University operates a Drugs Policy (PDF). Current advice is to refer to Student Conduct Regulations and Procedures (PDF). Brookes recognises that the University is a microcosm of society as a whole and acknowledges that the use and influences of legal and illegal drugs is not seen as aberrant or deviant behaviour by many young people.

    However, the University does not condone or encourage the possession or use of illegal drugs. In addition, it is committed to enhancing the health, welfare and safety of all students, and to reducing the risks associated with all drug use, alcohol abuse and tobacco use. It will seek to achieve these goals in respect of illegal drugs through educational, counselling and disciplinary approaches.

    • On the first occasion a student is found using or in possession of illegal drugs, s/he will be given a 'first formal verbal warning', and information about local sources of help and advice.
    • In the case of a second offence, a student will be given a second formal warning and may be asked to leave the hall of residence where s/he is living. 
      Further advice on drug use will also be given.
    • If there is a third offence, the matter will be reported to the police. It is probable that the police will regard the University's earlier 'warnings' as the equivalent of a police caution, and therefore it is likely that (dependent upon the evidence) a court appearance will follow.

    A very different approach will be taken towards students who are suspected of manufacturing, dealing or supplying drugs within the University: the matter will be reported to the police immediately.

    The Medical Centre promotes drugs awareness and alcohol awareness at Brookes and has useful external links on their information pages