What is PIP?

  • PIP is an online student records facility that enables you to monitor the academic progress of your advisees.

    Information available through PIP includes:

    • student contact information, including telephone numbers and addresses
    • details of the modules for which a student is registered
    • the marks and grades for any modules that a student has completed
    • a breakdown of any problems with a student's programme, as picked up by the database and flagged as an error or warning on PIP

    Students can use PIP to:

    • make course related requests.
    • pick their modules, receive their results and re-enrol each year.
    • request a new Academic Adviser.

    Academic Advisers can use PIP to:

    • access a list of all of your advisees under your name on the 'Course/Student Management' page.
    • evaluate the overall academic performance of each advisee.
    • see basic information for each advisee including their enrolment status and the number of errors and warnings that they have.
    • review and, if appropriate, approve student requests to make programme changes.
    • accept requests to make you their Academic Adviser, via your 'to-do' list.


    • Encourage and assist advisees to engage with PIP... never tell them it doesn't work or try to do it for them.
    • Offer impartial advice on module selections and programme rules... never dictate or tell them what to do.
    • Ensure your advisees deal with a particular error/warning on their programme immediately... never tell them to ignore an error or warning message, as it can have serious ramifications and could prevent them from graduating if not resolved.
    • Deal with requests made via PIP as they come in... never keep students waiting needlessly for a request to be resolved.

    Further information

    You can get further help and online tutorials from the PIP Training and Support under the Students section of the Brookes website.

    Knowledge of programme regulations

    Doug Higgison, Programme Lead in Mechanical Engineering, applies his knowledge of programme regulations to achieve successful outcomes for his advisees.

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