Briefings for Programme Leads and Academic Administration Managers

  • Programme Leads

    As a Programme Lead, you play a key academic leadership role in the University. You oversee the quality, standards and enhancement of your academic portfolio, as well as ensuring the student experience is of the highest quality.

    As part of this leadership role, you have particular responsibilities to support Academic Advisers. This includes the following responsibilities:

    1. Working with Faculty Academic Administration Managers to allocate Academic Advisers (if requested) in May/June annually.
    2. Ensuring that programme handbooks contain a statement that contextualises the University Statement on Academic Guidance for each programme (in the summer).
    3. Holding a pre-academic year briefing meeting for Academic Advisers (September, annually). To cover:
      • the contextualised statement on academic guidance (from the programme handbook), which includes their responsibilities as Academic Advisers within a network of academic guidance and student support
      • programme regulations
      • update on current University Regulations, including a specific reminder of mitigating circumstances procedure
    4. Ensuring that Student Central are informed of any in-year changes to Academic Advisers.

    Academic Administration Managers

    As an Academic Administration Manager or AAM, you are the Faculty link with Student Central. You have responsibility to liaise with academic staff to agree the allocation of students to advisers, to check that there is a fair spread amongst advising staff and to make arrangements for staff who are on leave or sabbatical.