Professional development for Academic Advisers

  • Workshops

    The academic advising workshop 'Understanding Academic Advising' follows on from the Moodle-based online course 'Academic Advising Online' (see below). OCSLD educational developers develop and deliver this workshop in collaboration with senior academic advisers in your Faculty.

    This workshop has been designed specifically for Academic Advisers and Student Support Co-ordinators. To book a place, you must first complete the online course and you must currently have some advising responsibilities with undergraduate or postgraduate students.

    Understanding Academic Advising Workshop

    An OCSLD resources pack is available to support site-based workshops, delivered by experienced academic advisers from all the Faculties. In brief, the workshop covers:

    • Good questions and quality conversations with your students
    • Listening, coaching and recording actions
    • What works well in advising students

    The workshops are organised through OCSLD.


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    Academic Advising: An introductory online short course

    The online course 'Academic Advising: An introductory online short course' supports you in understanding your role as Academic Adviser and how this fits within the University's provision of advice and guidance for students. The course will take a minimum of 1.5 hours to complete. It is structured in three chapters with a series of activities to complete on and off-line at your own pace.  

    Chapter 1. Contact with your advisees

    1. What do you do as an Academic Adviser
    2. Examples of effective advising
    3. Scenario activity

    Chapter 2. Procedures and regulations

    1. Working within the regulations - mitigating circumstances
    2. Providing references for your advisees
    3. Scenario activity

    Chapter 3. Principles of effective advising

    1. Advising on academic progress
    2. Self-evaluation of practice
    3. Scenario activity

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    Within the course you are invited to contribute your stories into a repository of effective interventions as an Academic Adviser, and will be able to browse the effective interventions of others. You are also able to assemble a collection of annotated guides to aspects of practice, saved within your own Google Drive area. For this, you need to be logged into Brookes GoogleMail, as well as Moodle.

    The course is offered in Moodle to enable monitoring of completion, which will be checked annually at the end of Semester 2. Academic Advisers and those in similar roles should be enrolled already in this course.