Exam regulations

  • Students are responsible for following the University Regulations or risk facing fines and other conduct related actions, eg phone going off in exam, writing on hands to cheat. For more information, consult the Conduct incidents page.

    The University has established regulations, policies, procedures and guidelines governing assessment that are in line with the Equality Act 2010. It is the responsibility of staff and students to follow them.


    • Calculators and dictionaries - You are not permitted to bring either into the exam. If a calculator is needed, we will provide it. See Before your exams.
    • Taking your examinations off-site - If you will be away from Oxford, you can apply to take your examination offsite. 
    • Changes to exam date - You can request a change of exam date only in specific circumstances.
    • Religious observance adjustments - Religious beliefs may require exams to avoid certain times or allowances such as prayer breaks.
    • Medical items in exams - Diabetics, asthmatics and others with medical conditions may need to bring extra items to their desk.
    • Alternative provision - Dyslexia, learning difficulties and disability can entitle you to adjustments.
    • Conduct incidents - Details of the process followed after an incident in an exam.

    More information

    Consult the Before your exams and On your exam day sections for more information on important regulations and procedures, including alternative provision.