Scripts and marking

  • Script collection 

    • Scripts will be available the next morning at Headington (see notes).
    • They may only be collected and signed out by Brookes staff.


    • Where the King's Centre is the examination venue, scripts must be collected the next day, as scripts are transported at the end of the exam day through central Oxford during rush hour.
    • Alternative provision students often finish later and may sit exams at a different campus.
    • Multiple choice exams should be marked within 24 hours and the reports emailed to the ML.
    • Off-site scripts will arrive later - check for email notifications.


    Consult the Student Central guide for mark sheets. The Examinations Office keep exam registers and invigilator reports for five years and the session waste for each exam until results are released.

    Script archiving

    Return the scripts with the archive sheet provided after they are marked and all the committees have met. They are archived for three years.