Scripts and marking

  • Script collection

    • A Google Sheet is shared indicating exam locations and allowing you to choose where to collect (e.g. Headington or Wheatley).
    • Scripts are moved overnight - all will be available the next morning from the chosen location or two hours after the end time from the exam location.
    • They may only be collected and signed out by Brookes staff.

    Notes: i) alt. prov. students often finish later and sit exams at a different campus ii) multiple choice exams are marked the following morning; the reports are emailed to the ML iii) scripts are kept at the exam location unless indicated otherwise on the Google Sheet and taken to Headington after the final day iv) off-site scripts will arrive later (usually the following week) – check for an email notification.


    Consult the Student Central guide for mark sheets and contact them for more information.

    • The exams team keep exam registers and invigilator reports for five years and the session waste for each exam until after the exam committees have met for your reference. 

    Script archiving

    Return the scripts with the archive sheet provided after they are marked and all the committees have met - we then archive them for three years if needed.