Learning activities

  • Lectures


      But, if we could stop for half an hour and have a task to do, like go in groups and discuss, 'like ask why we do that,why you think that?'that would be more engaging.

      Student focus group, PESE Project 2016
    • Adopt a multisensory approach to lectures (e.g. interactive whiteboards, PowerPoint, video, podcasts, a mixture of text and images, group discussions, role play).
    • Explain concepts and information in different ways (e.g. explain text verbally, illustrate spoken ideas with graphics)
    • Give in-session announcements in more than one form (e.g. tasks to complete for the following session, assignment advice)

    Facilitating learning

      Makes a huge difference if a lecturer after even a 2 hour lecture stops and ask what (we) understood or if (we) have questions.

      Student focus group, PESE Project 2016
    • Pace lectures to allow time for listening, note-taking, processing, and responding.
    • Lectures should be well-structured: lecture outlines, regular recaps, summary at the end.
    • Reiterate key points.
    • Include regular pauses, brief summaries of what has been covered so far and opportunities for reflection and clarification.
    • It’s ‘vital’ to stop during lectures.Especially for students with dyslexia because they ‘switch off’.

      Student focus group, PESE Project 2016
    • Include active learning opportunities.
    • Repeat student questions for the benefit of others in the class.
    • Write down and explain new terms and concepts (e.g. on PowerPoint, whiteboard).
    • Include formal refreshment breaks in longer sessions.
    • Students should be allowed to record lectures (see University Regulation E19 for exceptions).


      … opportunity for questions if not understood.

      Student focus group, PESE Project 2016
    • Provide seminar tasks in advance as far as possible.
    • Set out seminar objectives in writing and at the start of the session.
    • Allow students time to process written and verbal information and instructions.
    • Provide individual and group learning activities.
    • For me this is where I learn more, learning from other people.

      Student focus group, PESE Project 2016
    • Encourage diversity awareness.
    • Allow students to decide amongst themselves who should write notes and present information on behalf of the group.
    • Allow sufficient time for students to finish tasks.
    • Provide opportunities to answer questions and for clarification.
    • …problematic to put things in the whiteboard - difficulty to be the spokesman for a group.

      Student focus group, PESE Project 2016
    • Summarise key aspects at the end of the seminar.


    • Provide a Placement Pack with useful information, standard procedures and a map of the building.
    • Provide a list of key terminology with short explanations.
    • Together with the student set SMART objectives (specific, measurable, assignable, realistic and time related).
    • Regularly meet with the student to discuss their progress and review agreed support strategies.
    • Demonstrate required practical skills more than once.
    • Allow the student to dictate notes to a digital recorder and video demonstrations when possible (ensure confidentiality is maintained).
    • Use instruction sheets, diagrams and flow charts to present the sequence of a task.
    • Provide instructions verbally and in writing.
    • Provide the student with essential reading 24 hours in advance and highlight the important sections.
    • Provide the student with opportunities to discuss their reading.
    • Provide templates for all written communication.
    • Provide a ‘model’ report to inform the student of the content required and the preferred format.
    • Allow the student additional time for writing tasks.
    • Some students may benefit from structuring their notes before they are written up in the required format or media.
    • When performing drug calculations, encourage the student to use a calculator or notepad.
    • Ensure the handover is not rushed and follows the same procedure each time.