Space Utilisation Project

  • The Project to Increase the Utilisation of Teaching Space (or PUTS Project) is about using the valuable space we have at Brookes in the best way to enhance the student experience.

    PUTS Project

    The PUTS Project is currently focusing on:

    • gathering data from Faculties to support the University's timetabling process and information
    • creating a timetable for 2018/19 
    • working towards creating an annual timetable from 2019/20
    • implementing a late changes process to module slot changes for 2018/19 timetable

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    Project vision

    The overall aim of this project is to increase the agility of Oxford Brookes University. The outcome of this will be improved student and staff experience through the timely production and publication of individual timetables; more efficient and effective room usage; and the provision of more accurate, up to date, easy to use information to all involved.  More effective processes for the University will result in increased flexibility, cost savings and better use of our resources.

    The project is being run from the Academic and Student Affairs PUTS Project Team.