Credit Entry Guide

  • Guidance for processing UMP credit entry applications and completing the M103 form.

    These notes are to guide staff responsible for the award of credit on the Undergraduate Modular Programme (UMP). They accompany the latest version of the M103 form which is available to download from the forms for staff webpage. After the introduction the instructions are arranged in numbered sections which follow the numbered sections on the M103 form.

    Staff who are new to the process of assessing and awarding credit are advised to contact Programme Support in Student Central for advice (ext. 2878, email

    Useful documents

    The following documents may also be useful for reference:

    Guidance for staff

  • The M103 form is for staff use only and is used to award prior certificated credit for students registered on an Undergraduate Modular Programme (UMP) award.

    Information from the form is converted directly onto a student’s record so that eCSIS can read and include it in the process of checking the student’s programme and generating programme errors, the programme summary, etc. It is therefore essential that the credit awarded is based on the subject rules that will apply to the student at the point they enrol.

    • The rules under which a student is considered for Stage I are those in operation when the student entered Stage I
    • The rules which should be applied for acceptable modules (i.e. Stage II) are those which were in operation when the student entered Stage I

    For further information, please see ‘Rules applicable to specific students’.

    Please note UMP Regulation B2.14 (Admission with Credit and Credit Transfer) below sets the minimum that a student must complete on the UMP for the various awards.

    B2.14 ii A student may transfer credits derived from either prior learning and/or concurrent study at another institution. In order to obtain an award from the University, the minimum credit earned on the UMP shall be as follows:

    Foundation Diploma:

    Six acceptable module credits

    Certificate of HE:

    Six level 4 module credits

    Certificate of Associate Study:

    Six module credits; including at least two at level 5 or level 6 honours Therefore cannot apply for credit.

    Diploma in Advanced Study:

    Six level 5 or level 6 module credits

    Graduate Diploma:

    Six acceptable level 5 or level 6 module credits

    Diploma of HE:

    Six acceptable module credits; including at least four at level 5 or above

    Degree without Honours:

    Six level 5 or above acceptable module credits or four if prior credit was earned on a Brookes award. At least four of the acceptable module credits must be taken at level 6 honours (or two, if two acceptable level 6 honours module credits are awarded as prior credit)

    Honours degree:

    Eight level 5 or above acceptable module credits including six level 6 honours module credits (or four if two acceptable level 6 honours module credits awarded as prior credit)

    Integrated Master’s degree:

    Eight level 5 or above acceptable module credits including six level 6 honours module credits (or four if two acceptable level 6 honours module credits awarded as prior credit), and six level 7 modules

    Notwithstanding the above, at least two acceptable module credits must be passed at the University in each subject of study for combined named awards. Credit can only be awarded to UMP students registered for one of the awards listed above.

    In respect of regulation B2.14, it is a requirement that students take 8 acceptable module credits on their new UMP registration for the award of an Honours degree.

    The sole exception to this exists where a student is transferring in credit from an MC13 (Modular Associate) registration which means that they can achieve the minimum number of modules required for an UMP award by studying less than eight acceptable module credits on their new UMP registration. This exception does not mean that students can bring in any more than two thirds of the credit required for their award.

    • Admissions send an electronic application form to the Subject Co-ordinator or nominated contact for the application to be considered. Applications for Combined Honours will generate two M103s and go to two separate subjects for consideration. Subject Co-ordinators must liaise with each other when assessing the credit and making an offer.
    • Subject Co-ordinators should check all applications for credit entry received from Admissions immediately. If you think the application is worth consideration but the application does not include a transcript and module descriptions please contact the applicant for the details you require and set a date for their receipt. You cannot complete the assessment of credit and the M103 without this information as the module descriptions for the units/courses are essential to match the prior learning against the subject(s) they want to join. It is also essential to check the level and volume of the credit. If an applicant has completed a qualification that you are not familiar with please do contact Admissions for further details.
    • We do not transfer marks unless a student is transferring credit from a previous registration on the UMP, however the marks achieved may indicate whether or not you wish to make an offer. If an applicant’s grades are too low for consideration please reject the application and inform your contact in Admissions. If the credit being considered for transfer has not yet been completed you can make a conditional offer, you can also request that they pass specific credits with a required mark or grade. Insert the details of the offer to be made in section 6.
    • An M103 form must be completed and returned to Admissions who will record and communicate the final decision to the applicant. It is essential that all documents used to assess the credit (including a transcript) are returned to Admissions with the M103 in case of queries.
    • The M103 form is passed on to Student Central by Admissions after the student has become unconditional for Student Central to record the credit on eCSIS. Student Central may be processing the form several months after you have made the offer so it is essential that you keep a copy of the form and make notes about any decisions made. Student Central aim to put the credit on to the student’s record before enrolment however if the form is received close to enrolment there may be a delay in the credit being added to the student’s programme.
    • Once the applicants are linked across as students ready for enrolment in early September any errors and warnings relating to their credit and programme will appear on PIP and eCSIS. Programme Support may therefore contact you to make any corrections required.