Section 4: Exemptions

  • Students may be granted an exemption from a module when learning equivalent to that shown by passing the module has been achieved. If a formal exemption grade is awarded such a module does not count towards any award requirements, the student still has to take the full amount of modules required for their award i.e. an exemption is not a credit.

    Exemptions may be appropriate in the following circumstances:

    • Where similar learning has been covered but there is a difference in module size or level which makes a 1 on 1 transfer impossible.
    • A student re-starting year 1 after being excluded for failure should have exemptions but no credit awarded.
    • Where an applicant has some relevant professional qualification or credit at Master’s level.

    On Section 4 of the M103 form you need to:

    • Enter the modules you wish the student to be exempt from.