Section 5: Student annotation

    • Each credit entry student will have an annotation on their programme which states the date by which they must complete their degree.
    • Most students studying an Honours degree course are allowed a maximum of eight years to complete their degree. There are exceptions to this including Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, International Hospitality Management, French Studies and Japanese Studies. Students aiming for a lower award also have less time. Please check the relevant award aim section for specific time limits in the UMP regulations.
    • To prevent a credit entry student gaining an advantage over Oxford Brookes students we deduct time from the maximum time allowed for students entering with credit, we then annotate their programme so that the student and staff advising the student are aware of the time they have remaining.

    On Section 5 of the M103 form you need to:

    • Check and enter the normal maximum time allowed to complete the course.
    • Calculate and enter how long the applicant took to complete the modules or course you are awarding as credit. Include time taken as temporary withdrawal but not any time when an applicant had permanently withdrawn from a course or time between completed qualifications.
    • Deduct the time taken to achieve the credit from the maximum time and enter the maximum amount of time (in years) remaining.
    • From the year of entry and the maximum time remaining calculate and enter the date by which the student must complete their course. For September entrants (with time remaining in full years, not half years) this will be August 20__ and for January entrants this will be December 20 __. If in doubt please contact Programme Support in Student Central. This will be used to annotate the student’s record. It is important to check this when advising a student about their programme, time out and changes of mode.

    Please see an example of a completed Section 5 below:

    Maximum time (in years) allowed to complete course   Minus Amount of time (in years) taken to gain credit   Equals Maximum amount of time (in years) remaining
    8      - 2   = 6

    Student must complete by
    (if year of entry Sept 2015)

          August 2021