Subject Change Guide

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    Subject changes are authorized by the Subject Co-ordinator who may wish to impose certain conditions which the student must meet before the change can be agreed.  Subject Examination Committees are, therefore, a good forum for consideration of subject changes to ensure that any conditions set have been achieved. 

    When considering a subject change request please consider the following:

    A Stage II student that has already completed Stage II modules in their current subject requests a subject change.

    If the Progression Rules of the new Subject mean that they are required to move back in to Stage I as a result of the Subject change they should withdraw from their current course and reapply as a new student via Admissions (please see re-admission guidance below).  This is to ensure all students are treated fairly with regards to meeting the progression requirements of the course and also to comply with the UMP regulations which state that “a student who has failed to satisfy a specific subject requirement which is normally taken during a particular semester or stage of the course, may be required by the Examination Committee to satisfy that requirement before proceeding in this subject”.

    Please check with Admissions before giving any advice to the student about re-applying to ensure:

    1. that the student is eligible to be re-admitted (please consult the University Regulations A2.1 Principles of Admission for further details).
    2. that they are still accepting applications for the entry date the student is wishing to start the new course and also to check course availability.

    Please note that we cannot move a student back in to Stage I on the existing student number if they have studied modules at Stage II.

    A student has progressed in to Stage II but has not taken any Stage II modules in their old Subject.

    If the student in this situation needs to go back into Stage I in order to meet the progression requirements on their new course, we can exceptionally extend their Stage I period and send the student the appropriate examinations letter (e.g. MX120).  Please note that only immediate subject changes (without conditions set) can be made at this point. Please ensure that when approving the request via PIP, that the “need to restart course” section is ticked so we know the students progression in to Stage II has to be rescinded and their Stage I extended.  If the request is made beyond the point by which the student can join a module for the current semester then the student can consider the option of taking approved temporary withdrawal. Please get in touch with the Programme Support Team in Student Central for further guidance if you have a request that falls in to this category.

    A student in Foundation Stage wishes to move on to an Undergraduate degree in a new subject.

    A student in Foundation Stage is unable to request a subject change into Stage I of an Undergraduate Degree course, unless they have completed the Foundation Stage requirements. 

    If a student does not wish to continue with their current Foundation course and meets the entry requirements of an Undergraduate Degree in a new subject, then they would need to withdraw from their current Foundation course and re-apply as a new student. 

    How can a student make a subject change request?

    A student can request a subject change via PIP or by using an M101 form if they can continue on the same student number. If they are in Stage II and need to restart from Stage I on their new course they need to re-apply via UCAS (please seek advice from Admissions regarding  the student’s eligibility to be re-admitted and also regarding course availability prior to advising the student to re-apply).

    Important note 

    When considering a subject change students should be advised to seek advice from the Brookes Union Advice Service (BUAS) regarding the funding implications of the subject change.