Closure processes

The appropriate closure form should be completed via route A or route B. The Route A process should be followed for programmes that have never recruited, or have no remaining students, or that are being replaced through the revalidation process. The Route B process should be followed for programmes with remaining students and/or current applicants holding offers (including deferred offers).

All proposals for closure must, in due course, include the following information:

  • Clear rationale for closure;
  • Arrangements for phasing out the provision, or the identification of alternative provision, bearing in mind the University’s contractual obligations to existing students and applicants holding offers;

Note: the aim of these arrangements should, wherever possible, be to enable existing students to continue on their current programme and complete the Brookes award for which they are registered;

  • Measures to be taken to protect the quality of the provision being phased out;
  • Evidence of consultation with all relevant stakeholders, including students and staff.