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  • Apprenticeships at Oxford Brookes University


    Oxford Brookes is an employer of great staff and is passionate about a great staff experience. Apprenticeships are an important way to expand our skills-base and support staff in their professional development whilst they work.

    The new levy means we have extra funds to support apprentices at Oxford Brookes: we invite you to consider having apprentices in your teams.

    APPRENTICESHIPS are jobs with training built into them. They have to last for a minimum of a year, offer a serious training experience and are NOW open to:

    • anyone over 16 who is employed and a resident
    • new recruits AND existing staff members in mainstream or specialist roles
    • any colleague keen for professional development at ALL levels and grades
    • any colleague even if they are already qualified, even at degree level and even if the programme selected is at a lower level than your current qualifications
    • funding requests from the Oxford Brookes levy and therefore free to you and your team 

    APPRENTICES are colleagues who agree to: 

    • a learning contract that describes clearly what programme they will study and how we will support them
    • a period of workbased learning that helps develop or improve role-based skills
    • an end of programme assessment, to demonstrate what they have learned and how they meet the relevant apprenticeship standard in their occupation

    MANAGERS and INDIVIDUALS consider Apprenticeships when:

    • a new team member is needed and you are about to recruit
    • an existing team member needs to get new knowledge and skills
    • you want to develop your existing talent by taking people to the next level or adding a new skills set to your team 

    Apprenticeships come at all levels and are not just for beginners. HR/OCSLD will consult with you on all aspects of apprentice set-up.