Choose your apprentice programme

  • There are hundreds of new apprenticeship programmes to choose from. They come at all levels and reflect the skills and knowledge your apprentice is expected to have in their post.  

    You can view the directory of new apprenticeship standards here.

    You will see the standards are named after job roles.

    The landscape is divided into 15 sectors so look under the sector titles you think fit the occupation.

    1. Apprenticeship standards approved for delivery
    2. Apprenticeship standards in development
    3. Agriculture, environmental and animal care standards
    4. Business and administration standards
    5. Catering and hospitality standards
    6. Childcare and education standards
    7. Construction standards
    8. Creative and design standards
    9. Digital standards
    10. Engineering and manufacturing standards
    11. Hair and beauty standards
    12. Health and science standards
    13. Legal, finance and accounting standards
    14. Protective services standards
    15. Sales, marketing and procurement standards
    16. Social care standards
    17. Transport and logistics standards

    Decide which standards fit your role.

    Find a list of possible providers here or consult with Kay Tillyer on Brookes' preferred providers.