Staff Harassment Advisers

  • Staff Harassment Advisers (SHAs) are staff who have volunteered their time to provide an information service to staff who feel they are experiencing (or have witnessed) unwanted behaviour as well as to staff who have been accused of unwanted behaviour. The same adviser will not provide support to both the complainant and the alleged perpetrator.

    Staff Harassment Adviser:

    • Provides an impartial and confidential listening ear outside of the usual university structures and services;
    • Provides information on the options that are available;
    • Assists those seeking advice in thinking those options through, but respects the wishes of the member of staff.

    A Staff Harassment Adviser cannot:

    • Make judgements about the legitimacy of a complaint or act as an investigator (staff nominated by the Directorate of Human Resources would undertake any formal investigations);
    • Provide counselling. If the SHA feels a member of staff might benefit from counselling, they can signpost them to the Occupational Health Service;
    • Act as an advocate – they provide informal support only and cannot meet with other parties to the situation;
    • Meet with members of staff outside of office hours or outside of the university premises. Online meetings can be set up using the University Google Meet facilities.

    Contacting a Staff Harassment Adviser

    Details of the SHAs are given below (staff are based at the Headington Campus unless otherwise indicated).  You can contact one of the SHAs directly in confidence.  They work on a cross-University basis, so you do not have to contact someone from your own faculty or directorate.

    Name Email address Phone number Role
    Colleen Berrington 4945 PA, UK Recruitment & Partnership team (Directorate of Marketing & Communications)
    Mary Briggs 8597 Principal Lecturer (HSS/Harcourt)
    Ruth Collins 4310 Academic Administration Manager (TDE)
    Vicki Farmilo 5073 Academic Liaison Librarian
    Wes Fraser 3727 Senior Lecturer (HSS)
    Judie Gannon 3837 Senior Lecturer (OBBS)
    Savannagh Gibbs 3423 Admissions Officer
    Sara Hannam 5670 Head of International Partnership Development (OBBS)
    Carolyn Mason 2566 HOD, Sport, Health Sciences & Social Work
    Aindreas O’Donovan 4650 Head of Counselling (ASA)
    Gareth Packham 4354 Head of Information Management
    Warren Rödel 2968 Student Disputes Officer (ASA)
    Lorna Shires 8315 Principal Lecturer (HSS/Harcourt)
    Sonia Soni 3986 Compliance Officer (FLS)
    Sarah Whitmore 3747 Senior Lecturer (HSS)

    Additionalpoints of contact

    If you are a member of a trade union, you can seek advice, support and representation from your TU representative.  Recognised unions for Oxford Brookes are UCU and UNISON.

    For general advice, you can also contact your link Human Resources Team.