Prevention of work-related stress

  • Stress can be minimised and prevented if you:

    • Talk to your manger about your job and the demands you face to ensure you are clear about your role and expectations
    • Prioritise your workload and manage you time effectively
    • Match you workload and pace yourself.  Inform your manager if you are feeling overloaded and ask for support
    • Communicate well with your colleagues and manager - aim to maintain positive working relationships
    • Take the initiative in relation to your development needs and make use of the training, support and resources the University has to offer
    • Support colleagues by providing appropriate information and by sharing resources
    • Ensure bullying and harassment are not tolerated

    Other things that can help to maintain balance and alleviate stress include:

    • Making time for lunch.  Take this away from the office.  If possible take a walk.  A short break can be energising and will help you face the next task or challenge
    • Eating a well-balanced diet.  Well-nourished bodies are better prepared for handling stress. 
    • Cutting down on stimulants like caffeine and sugar
    • Keeping an eye on your intake of  alcohol and nicotine
    • Physical activity reduces stress levels and prevents some of its damaging effects on the body
    • Positive thinking reduces the negative tension that can lead to stress