CLEAR unit

  • The CLEAR unit is temporarily closed due to staff resources but it is hoped to reopen at some stage in the future.  

    What is the CLEAR unit?

    The Clinical, Exercise and Rehabilitation (CLEAR) unit at Oxford Brookes University is a fitness studio designed exclusively for the use of people who require a higher level of supervision because of their medical condition.

    The unit is also suitable for people who may feel anxious or intimidated by the thought of attending their local gym and those who have rarely exercised in the past.

    How does it work?

    A referral is made to the CLEAR Unit following an assessment made by the OH Adviser.  This may follow a self-referral or a management referral to OH.  Referrals may form part of a rehabilitation plan and be incorporated into a phased return to work and agreed at the discretion of the Line Manager.

    How do I make an appointment?

    The OHA will make the referral to the CLEAR Unit leaving the individual member of staff to arrange the appointment.  Following an initial assessment an individualised exercise programme will be developed.  Exercise sessions are held in the mornings in the CLEAR Unit situated in the Sports Centre at Gypsy Lane.

    Is there a financial cost to me?

    The cost of each supervised exercise session is £5 which is paid for by the member of staff.

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