Staff card FAQs

  • The new arrangements give a much better experience to our new starters.  

    Under previous arrangements new staff could wait up to 6 weeks for staff cards as they were printed off-site.  

    With the new arrangements a new starter can have a fully working staff smartcard on their first day. Adding photographs also allow cards to work better as a form of identification for people who are on our campuses. Photographic ID is also helpful for Brookes staff who are working on other organisation’s premises where photo ID is required.

    The new Staff ID card has been operating for new starters since the beginning of July 2017.  

    In addition, we have already provided new Staff ID cards to those staff who require photographic ID  as part of their job.

    I am a line manager -  you simply need to ask your new starter to go to an IT Service Desk Point where their card will be printed and issued. See below for details of the process and IT service desk locations. 

    I am a new starter - you will need to go to your nearest IT Service Desk Point with some form of photo ID e.g passport or driver license.  

    • A member of the IT Service Desk Point staff  will check your ID and details.

    • They will take your photograph and your card will be printed.

    • The IT Service Desk team member will be able to help with assigning the new card to a BrookesPrintAnywhere account.

    • If you need access to areas of the University controlled by Salto door access you will need to visit the Estates and Facilities Reception Team at Swindon or Headington where this access will be added to your staff ID card.

    You can collect your University username and password at the IT Service Desk Point at the same time.

    I am an existing member of staff -  You do not need to do anything. Your current card(s) will continue to work.

    There are no current plans to replace working ID cards for existing staff.

    If you require a new card because your existing card has been lost, stolen, no longer works or your personal details have changed then a new format staff ID card can be issued at an IT Service Desk Point.