Organising an event? Everything you need to know

  • Organising an event can be time consuming both in terms of finding out the relevant processes for each step and putting the operation in place.

    For that reason we have put together a list of the areas you will need to consider when organising an event at Oxford Brookes. If, however you feel that you don't have the time or you would like to use the expertise of the Venues Coordinators you could contact Oxford Brookes Venues who will be able to organise the event on your behalf, there will however be a charge for this service.

    Some events should always be arranged through Oxford Brookes Venues, if you are in any doubt as to whether your event should please contact the Venues Coordinators. The guidelines below are for events which should be booked through Oxford Brookes Venues:

    • Where an external organisation is paying for the event in full.
    • An event that is organised by Oxford Brookes staff but is profit making i.e. does not just cover costs

    If you are in any doubt as to whether your event should be managed by the Venues team, please contact them to discuss. They can offer advice and support over the phone or via email. 

    Accommodation is available to book during the summer months. To view availability and make a booking please click here. You can make use of the staff and alumni discounts by typing one of the following codes into the 'Promotion Code' box when booking though the link: STAFFOBV or ALUMNIOBV. If you would like to use a cost code to make an accommodation booking please contact Oxford Brookes Venues on 8400 or but please bear in mind that the rooms are available online so booking well in advance is advised.

    For larger groups we ask that you contact the Venues team to discuss your needs here.

    You can secure car parking for your visitors by booking a parking space through the online car parking portal.

    Please note parking is limited during semester time on all of our sites and the default position should be to promote our sustainable travel links. Out of consideration to others needing visitor space we recommend that you do not book more than 5 spaces for each event.

    All catering provision (including alcohol) for events held on Brookes premises should be purchased through the Hospitality Team within Catering Services. Please visit the Hospitality website.

    View the catering on campus policy and charity catering on campus guidelines


    The details of your event will need to be recorded for licensing purposes if you are planning one of the following activities: sale or supply of alcohol, showing a film, playing live music, performing dance, providing facilities for dancing, hosting a live performance, providing late night refreshment or the provision of entertainment of a similar nature.

    For more information please go to our licensing website.

    To log and obtain authorisation for a licensed activity go to Service Now, the University's automated help desk system.

    Dispersal Policy

    As the Event Organiser you are responsible for ensuring all guests leave the event in a safe and orderly manner with minimal disruption to our neighbours. Please click here for further information.

    Fire Marshals and First Aiders

    Please ensure that fire marshals, evac chair operators and first aiders are in place for the event, particularly if the event is taking place out of normal working hours. Please familiarise yourself with the nearest fire escape routes before the event and put emergency arrangements in place for your event.

    Please also familarise yourself with the Fire Assembly Points.

    Visiting Speakers

    Please ensure you comply with the Code of Practice on Freedom of Speech including Guidance on Visiting Speakers. Event organisers must also complete the External Speaker Request Form if they have a visiting speaker at any kind event. The form should be submitted at least ten working days in advance and will be needed to confirm event room bookings.

    Public Liability Insurance

    If you are planning to contract a third party provider to deliver any service on University premises you must refer to the University's policy on levels of liability to be held by external suppliers and make sure that you have checked the provider's liability insurance. It is also important that you familiarise yourself with the University's own public liability insurance. If you have any questions on this please direct them to the details can be found on the pages linked above.

    Risk Assessment

    It is your responsibility to complete a risk assessment in good time ahead of your event. Please read the University's risk assessment policy and complete the risk assessment template.

    Further advice can be requested from the Health and Safety Officers: Tim McGill, or Sharon Willett but please make sure any concerns are sent to them at least two weeks before the event.

    If you require technological support and/or IT equipment for your event please raise a request through the IT Service Desk under AV/Event Support tickets.

    Please note that out of hours or individual IT support allocated to you for the day will incur an additional cost and needs to be secured in advance via a request on the IT Service Desk.

    Out of Hours support is never guaranteed for non-essential external events.

    IT Services can also arrange guest Wi-Fi codes for event attendees if requested in advance of the event.

    Access to Buildings

    To gain access to buildings out of their normal opening hours you must first secure the agreement of the designated person within your Department/Faculty/Directorate, for example your Faculty Administrator. They can than make a request on your behalf with Estates and Facilities.

    To help us provide a professional and welcoming service to your visitors please ensure that you notify our Reception Teams of your event details, including: name of the event, start and finish times, brief description, locations and how many attendees are expected.

    Below are the reception opening times during semester

    Headington: 8:00-19:00 Monday to Friday

    Marston Road: 8:30-16:00 Monday to Friday

    Harcourt Hill: 8:00-18:00 Monday to Friday

    Wheatley 8:00-18:00 Monday to Friday

    If you require a reception service out of the University core hours (8:00-17:00) please email facilities: to log your request. A minimum notice period for this re-chargeable service is 10 working days.

    To book a room for your event please email the Timetabling and Room Bookings Team -

    It is important that you book the room for an hour before and after your event so any set up and resetting can be done by the Facilities Team.

    The Facilities Team kindly asks you to consider booking a room which has the default set up you need whenever possible.

    Room hire

    Room hire charges apply in the following circumstances:

    • Any meeting that is run by, or on behalf of, an organisation that is not part of Brookes.
    • Any meeting that is outside the day to day business of the University (e.g. not teaching or part of/beneficial to the running of the University).
    • Any meeting at which there is a fee to attend

    Please contact the Venues Team for information about charges and to find out what help they provide that is included in the charge -

    You can request for the Facilities Team to set a room for your event through ServiceNow

    It is important that you book the room for an hour before and after your event so any set up and resetting can be done by the Facilities Team.

    The Facilities Team kindly asks you to consider booking a room which has the default set up you need whenever possible.

    If your event takes place out of the core University hours of 8:00 - 17:00 you will be required to request an additional cleaning service prior to your event. A minimum notice period for this re-chargeable service is 10 working days. Please use ServiceNow to log your request.

    If you require directional sign displays please book these by emailing reception services: The Facilities Team will be able to place the stands around the campus for you. To ensure they can honour your request please send your list at least 5 working days before your event. You will be responsible for printing out the signage and placing it in the stands.

    Check what other events are happening on campus by logging onto CMISGo and checking the University's central events webpage and facilities event diary. This is important as Facilities and Catering Services might not be able to accommodate your request if they have committed resources to support other large events

    Also check the Space to Think website to check the latest news for developments at the University.