Finance and administration

  • Applying, tuition fees and financial support

    Find information on how students apply and the tuition fees and financial support available for each programme.

    Enrolment and payment processes

    Information on the admissions, enrolments and payment procedures for partnership programmes.

    Important admission and enrolment information

    • Students applying through UCAS during the live cycle - 1 September to 30 June - need to adhere to the UCAS timetable to prevent applications being rejected.
    • The university's green student enrolment forms need to be signed and returned to the university as soon as possible. Delays in returning the form delay students being fully enrolled and therefore receiving funding they maybe entitled to.
    • Students will only receive financial support available if they are fully enrolled with the university and have been financially assessed by the Student Loans Company.
    • Check course lists on the University's Student Information system against your records and report any discrepancies to the relevant programme administrators in the University.
    • Colleges should inform Student Central as soon as possible if there is a change to a student's status, eg withdrawal, time out, mode or award aim change.