The OC Tanner project runs from October 2021 until May 2022.

An overview of the activities is provided below.

You can access more information about the output and results to date by viewing the results and further activity.

Information about the Talent Magnet framework.


Project kick off and planning 6 - 23 July

Document reviews

Culture survey August - November

Survey launch: 4 October - 29 October (extended one week)

Co-creation interviews / sessions 5 -10 October

5 executive sponsor interviews

12 stakeholder and leader interviews

8 employer sessions

Analysis and findings November - December

Culture planning January - March

3 workshops (2.5 hours each)

Validation and definition April - May

Discovery and co-creation

Interview and sessions

Document reviews, interviews and sessions were held in October 2021 to gather perceptions and insights related to the Oxford Brookes culture

  • 15 leaders participated in 30-minute interviews
  • 22 leaders participated in 60-minute group sessions
  • 85 staff members participated 60-minute group sessions

Interviews and sessions were completed at the same time as the OBU culture survey (fielded October 2021)

Documents reviewed

  • 7621 University Strategy
  • VCG, Agenda, papers
  • 2021 Brookes Satisfaction
  • Brand Update February 2021
  • BSS Headline Points
  • Copy of 036668
  • Decliners Survey
  • Global Brand Video
  • New Student Survay
  • NSS 2020 Results
  • PTES Findings
  • Journey Maps
Discovery and co-creation with 122 conversations across OBU