The following timeline shows the stages of development for the People and Culture Strategy:

Discovery: O. C. Tanner - surveys, interviews and workshops - August 2021 - May 2022, Stakeholder engagement sessions - February - May 2022 Understanding priorities; Design: Draft Strategy: July - August 2022; Review: Stakeholder review - September 2022; 'Do': Implement plan - September/October 2022, Measure progress; Concurrent activity: Onboarding, Wellbeing, Dignity at work / bullying and harassment, Leadership and management.

Discovery phase

Between February and early May we are running a range of workshops with stakeholders from across the University. We have already completed sessions with members of the People Directorate.

These sessions are designed to ensure we are clear on what success will actually look like, what we need to retain in our culture and where people feel change is needed but might be a challenge i.e., where we might need to focus particular attention. We have set up a shared folder so can see the output from these sessions.

Concurrent activities

We are not standing still whilst we develop the strategy. There are a number of initiatives we are progressing concurrently, picking up areas that have already been identified as priorities. These include:

Wellbeing - a lot of activity took place during the pandemic, however, we appreciate that people are not always clear where to go and as the focus on Covid subsides we need to move to integrate things into our business as usual. We are therefore redeveloping our intranet pages to help better signpost people to the resources and services they need.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion - a new team is being formed including the recruitment of a Director of EDI. This will provide the resources to progress a range of initiatives and activities in this area.