Based on the input provided through the survey and interviews six areas were identified to help address the challenges and to improve the culture at Oxford Brookes:

  1. Clarify our organisation’s unique purpose, aim and value proposition to give everybody a clear focus for what is important
  2. Institute greater coordination and alignment so we are all pulling together in the same direction when establishing and achieving our collective goals
  3. Take a strategic approach to wellbeing which looks at the causes of issues and tensions and improves individual’s experience of work, as well as support
  4. Make frequent, specific and authentic appreciation a prominent feature of our culture
  5. Define explicit plans and timelines to address diversity and inclusion
  6. Create opportunities for you to develop connections and strengthen relationships across the University.

O.C. Tanner has led three workshops with members of the VCG, faculties and directorates the last of which took place on 8th March 2022. The outputs of these workshops will be incorporated into the People and Culture Strategy.

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