Brookes Co-curricular

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    Project Overview:

    “I’m delighted to be leading such an exciting project which will focus on strengthening and consolidating our co-curricular offer for applicants and students. This will involve celebrating and communicating what we already do very well whilst co-locating this with new PESE 2 initiatives from colleagues across the University. These new initiatives include Leadership for Students, a Live Lab Incubator and Stepping up InStep and all have an innovative, inclusive and entrepreneurial approach.

    “All of the projects aim to provide a distinctive student experience whilst providing valuable opportunities and support for students to improve their employability and to develop their entrepreneurship and graduate attributes, both within and beyond their programme of study.

    “My recent trip with colleagues from the Oxford Brookes Social Entrepreneur Awards to the Ashoka conference in Washington provided an interesting insight into US modes of incubators for innovation and entrepreneurship which I hope to explore further at Oxford Brookes with colleagues across the University."

    Latest project update - November 2016

    Alison Honour, Project Sponsor for Brookes Co-Curricular:

    “Eleven university-wide activities (and owners) have been identified for inclusion in the pilot running in Semester Two 2016/17, in order to offer participants a variety of non subject-aligned activities with which to engage. The scheme app has been further refined, in line with the requirements for the pilot.

    “The Student Experience Focus Group met on 2 November, reviewed the latest version of the app, and provided valuable feedback on the scheme, the app itself, and associated branding. Key issues were identified for consideration, including additional issues associated with evaluating the pilot.

    “Work has begun on the addition of activities to Moodle pages, and on the organization of the scheme and activities to fit with the Moodle model.”