Research conferences

  • Student research conferences enable research findings to be presented to a wide audience. Some conferences are held by learned societies, others within departments or faculties. Get Published! will host a university wide student research conference.

    Conferences can promote a positive attitude towards active research and improve communication and presentation skills for presenters and delegates. If employers are invited students can create a professional network. Discussing research with fellow academics can provide feedback to help inform the further development of ideas.

    Brookes students currently present their research findings at a number of events:

    The Get Published! University Student Research Conference 2016

    On Friday 15 April 2016, Oxford Brookes will be holding the Get Published! University Student Research Conference in Union Hall, Gallery and Union Square in the John Henry Brookes Building. This is the first time Oxford Brookes will have held a University-wide undergraduate and postgraduate taught research conference, and it will be one of the first in the country.

    The conference will be based around posters with some space for alternative forms of presentation (such as plans, scale models, art, design or visual works) in an informal ‘marketplace’. Dozens of students from across the university will have the opportunity of showcasing their research from dissertations, independent studies and other modules to fellow students, staff and the wider community.

    Being displayed at the conference will be a great way to promote a piece of work that students are proud of, get invaluable feedback and discussion, raise profiles, and enhance employability prospects - it will look great on a CV.

    If you have any questions, you can contact the Get Published! project team via

    The British Conference of Undergraduate Research – Brookes students have been supported to attend BCUR, which is held annually in a host university. It is attended by over 300 students from across the UK.

    Posters in Parliament – two students are selected annually to present their research to Members of Parliament as well as staff and students from over 20 universities in the Palace of Westminster in London. An article on the two students who presented at the event in 2016 is available to read on our newspages.

    Research Conferences
    Research Conference