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    How will Get Published! benefit students?

    Get Published! is a project to disseminate student research in a number of ways, so that outstanding and inspiring work can be shared with the wide audience it deserves.

    In addition to celebrating student achievements, Get Published! will help to develop and improve upon important graduate attributes among participating students, such as research literacy and communication skills, and create a culture of peer support. Brookes graduates will therefore have a competitive edge in the job market.

    Over the course of publication, students will begin to see how their learning can be applied beyond the University and familiarise themselves with the research process.

    How will Get Published! benefit academic staff?

    We hope you will be inspired by your students and their publications, and learn from experiencing research through a “student lens”. Through close collaboration, you may also build stronger relationships with your students, encourage them to engage and challenge themselves and increase your own research capacity.

    By showcasing student research, you can develop connections between Oxford Brookes and the local community, perhaps widening your own professional network. Furthermore, student publications will demonstrate Oxford Brookes’ role as a national leader in research-based learning.

    What resources are available to staff to encourage students?

    The following resources are available to help encourage colleagues to get their students engaged in research and sharing their work:

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