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    What is this project setting out to achieve?

    “Learning analytics is the collection, analysis and reporting of ‘big data’ related to learners and how they interact with their learning environments, with the intention of providing actionable insights that supports teaching, learning and curriculum design. To date, most learning analytics have been aimed at the issue of student engagement as a predictor of student retention.

    “The aim of this PESE2 project is to explore what ‘big data’ are available to us at Brookes which we can use ethically and if the use of such data by both staff and students will help us to enhance student achievement. Assuming such ‘big data’ will be useful, the project will then set in place systems to collect, analyse and present these data to both staff and students in a manner that is appropriate and that supports learning.

    In addition to the regular update below, find out more information on Learning Analytics via the project's  dedicated webpages.

    Latest project update - February 2017

    Dr Ian Scott, Project Sponsor for Learning Analytics:

    The JISC APP is soon going live and will function akin to a personal trainer, not for exercise, but for learning.We are very excited by the latest development in the project."

    Project update – November 2016

    Dr Ian Scott, Project Sponsor for Learning Analytics:

    “The project team have developed a clear set of defined variables to be used the development of the Learning Analytics tool. This will be further refined as project develops.”