Online assessment and feedback

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    What is this project setting out to achieve?

    This PESE project builds on growing practice in all four Faculties.

    It seeks to do exactly what the title says. Marking online and enabling students to access their feedback online is administratively more efficient, and most importantly is better for student learning. Universities that have adopted this report that feedback is much more likely to be read and returned to, and students report that it is more convenient, available more quickly, and a resource for future learning

    Online feedback can be more engaging because it can be multi-modal, encompassing not only textual comments but also audio and audio-visual feedback.

    Latest project update - March 2017

    Dave Ellis, Project Sponsor for Online Assessment and Feedback:

    "The web-resource in progress has been transferred to a new, more mobile-friendly site and looks very usable and effective. I’m sure adjustments will be made and this was always intended to be a dynamic site that gets improved and enlarged. However, it already looks very good and I am very grateful to colleagues who have been central to designing and publishing the website."

    Project update - February 2017

    Dave Ellis, Project Sponsor for Online Assessment and Feedback:

    "User-testing will be an important phase of this project if the new resources are to influence behaviour change and the widespread adoption - and continued use of - online assessment." 

    Project update – November 2016

    Dave Ellis, Project Sponsor for Online Assessment and Feedback:

    “Irrespective of the single mark upload development, I remain confident that the collaboration between this Project and the TEL group in populating the Staff Virtual gateway will result in a more clearly signposted and intuitive source to promote online assessment and feedback. It is important now to have that resource finalised with the opportunity to supplement it as a ‘live’ resource featuring current innovations.”