• PESE 2

    1. Online assessment and feedback

    This project set out to adopt online marking and feedback providing across all modules, improving the accessibility and quality of student feedback on assignments.

    The creation of the On-Line Assessment and Feedback (OLAF) portal has been created as a resource for staff who want to use online marking and submission in their modules.

    2. Get Published!

    Get Published! is an ongoing project to disseminate student research so that outstanding and inspiring work can be shared with a wide audience. The initiative develops Brookes’ graduate attributes, such as research literacy and communication skills, while creating a culture of peer support.

    Dedicated pages for Get Published!, including information on how research is shared, can be found here.

    3. Creating and Sustaining Mentoring Schemes

    The Creating and Sustaining Mentoring project was an ambitious initiative to collate all of the mentoring schemes and present them to students in a central hub. Schemes were presented in five categories, reflecting the type of mentoring experience students or staff could engage with. These were: pre-arrival, participation, peer, placement and professional. The project aimed to showcase how a student can get involved in mentoring at all stages of their time at university, and to further develop the mentoring culture at Brookes.

    A set of tools and resources are available to support existing mentoring activity and to encourage new schemes to develop.

    4. Learning analytics

    Learning Analytics sought to ethically collect, analyse the ‘big data’ on how students interact with their learning environments influences success. To date, most learning analytics initiatives have been aimed at predicting the student behaviours that generate retention. The project has taken the approach of using Learning Analytics to encourage effective study behaviours. This project will continue throughout 2017/18 under the PESE Impact Board. You can get updates on the project via the dedicated webpages.

    5. Transactional student experience

    The project sought to improve a range of transactional aspects of the relationship between online distance and part-time postgraduate taught students and the University, focused on areas including student enrolment and registration, induction, technology enhanced learning, opportunities for student voice and access to support services and facilities. It covered all faculties including both academic and professional services staff.

    6. BrookesEDGE (formerly BrookesID)

    BrookesEDGE is a co-curricular scheme that allows students to engage with activities outside of their area of study and receive recognition to their efforts. Activities are aligned to Oxford Brookes' guiding principles. Students interact with the scheme via the BrookesEDGE app, which allows them to browse and enroll on activities and monitor their own achievements throughout their studies.

    7. Festival and community of learning

    The project has brought students and staff together by encouraging them to be both producers and users of each other’s expertise, making learning open to a wider community. The project held events for all which showcased learning at Oxford Brookes including Virtual Reality sessions and upcycling events.

    8. Inclusive, multi-modal learning environment

    The project realised 3 main outcomes; improving the degree attainment scores of students, providing an inclusive and supportive learning environment and ensuring an equitable and inclusive social learning experience. For more information, see the dedicated web pages.