Student experience group

  • Your opportunity to make a difference

    Oxford Brookes is constantly working to improve the experience of students studying here. The Student Experience Group is your chance to give feedback to the University and help to influence.

    PESE student experience group

    How it works…

    Five meetings were held over the 2016/17 academic year which focused on different topics related to improving the student experience. Meetings lasted around two hours and gave students the opportunity to speak directly with those who are making key decisions – including the Pro Vice Chancellor for Student Experience.

    We're pleased to say that the Student Experience Group will be returning for the 2017/18 academic year and will offer further opportunities for student engagement in key University decision making. 

    It’s win win – we get your feedback and you get…

    • personal development and a great addition to your CV
    • to act as a consultant on student experience, actively participate and be informed about what is happening at the University
    • food and drink and voucher payment in recognition for your involvement.

    How does this fit with the University’s work to improve the student experience?

    In recent years, Oxford Brookes has undertaken an ambitious programme to meet its commitments in further improving the student experience. This has become established as the Programme to Enhance the Student Experience (PESE). 

    The Student Experience Group will be an essential channel to have a two-way communication with staff through gathering your feedback and comments and seeking your advice, ideas and decisions in an ongoing way. 


    If you would like to take part, email us your contact details and a paragraph on why you would like to be involved via by Friday 6 October 2017.