Transactional student experience

  • Project sponsor

    Tracy Panther, Associate Dean for Student Experience.

    “This project has been informed by initial proposals focusing specifically on opportunities to enhance the experience of students on online distance learning and part-time postgraduate taught programmes.

    “This will be through improving transactional aspects of the relationship between such students and the University – both in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, and at all stages of the student journey.

    “This project is truly ‘University wide’. It covers all faculties and will involve faculty staff - both academic and support staff - and students working collaboratively with colleagues from all directorates, to achieve results that will enhance the experience of students and staff across the Brookes community. Project ‘strands’ will focus on a range of areas of our provision, including: student enrolment and registration, induction, technology enhanced learning, opportunities for student voice, and access to support services and facilities."