Nomination and judging process

  • Nomination process

    1. Think about which of your colleagues have gone above and beyond in the past two years and how they meet the award categories and reflect our guiding principles through their work
    2. Complete the nomination form - this should take no more than five minutes and is intended to give a brief summary of the nominee’s work and why they deserve the award.
    3. Please be as specific as possible when filling out the form - the judges will be looking for clear examples over style.
    4. Nominators will automatically be sent a receipt to confirm their nomination has been received by the Brookes People Awards team.
    5. All nominees will receive a certificate and letter of congratulation after the month in which they are nominated. These will be delivered to a collection point at their primary work location after the second Monday of each month.

    Judging process

    1. The steering group will meet once a month during the nomination period to review all nominations and agree a longlist of nominations to put forward to the judging panel.
    2. Those longlisted will be notified by the Brookes People Award team and advised on timings.
    3. The judging panel will decide on a shortlist and final winners, evaluating each nominee alongside the guiding principles.
    4. The shortlisted staff will be notified by the Brookes People Awards team and advised on timings for the publicity and awards event. The shortlist will be publicised on the scheme webpages, through Staff Update and in displays around the University.
    5. The final winners for each award will be announced at the awards ceremony and publicised on the scheme webpages immediately afterwards.