• Business change
  • Business change

    About business change

    Business change is a structured approach to ensure that changes are implemented smoothly, so the University can reap the benefits of the new SRS.

    About the Student Records System (SRS) Change Network

    A key aspect of Business Change, the Change Network is a communications hub to allow the SRS Team to engage effectively with stakeholders. The SRS Change Network is a vital part of the Student Records System (SRS) Programme. As part of the work to implement a new SRS, the University sees Business Change as crucial for the success of this work.

    SRS Change Network Welcome Pack

    Are you new to the SRS Change Network? The following resources could help.

    • SRS  Google Site: 
      Here you will find in-depth information about the SRS and a series of tools to help you engage in change and provide detailed feedback to colleagues based on information shared through the SRS CN workshops.
    • SRS  Workplace Group:
      This channel enables two-way communications between the SRS Change Network and the SRS Team. Please use this group to post feedback and to speak to peers. The SRS Team will also answer queries here.
    • SRS Twitter:
      Here you can find out the latest developments about the SRS.

    List of SRS Change Champions

    Please click on this link to see a list of SRS Change Champions.