Frequently asked questions

  • If you have questions about the new student information system, please take a look at these comprehensive FAQs for Oxford Brookes staff.

    Below, there are general questions about the SRS Programme.

  • There are three main benefit categories around which benefits can be recognised for the new SRS:

    • Better decision-making and improved services through easier access, sharing and storing of relevant data and information.
    • More efficient and streamlined processes and ways of working, driven by digital storage that's easily accessible.
    • Better user experience for applicants, students and staff through use of a modern, single integrated platform that works across multiple devices and platforms.
    Training is ongoing for everyone who needs it. Depending on what area you work in, training will be tailored to the type and level of your use of Banner. For dates and times of courses available please go here.
    Both new and re-enroling students will use their new Student Information to enrol online.
    One of the advantages of an off-the-shelf system is that it is flexible and can be upgraded more easily when changes occur in the sector. At the same time Ellucian Global Ltd. is committed to keep the product up to date with many of the regulatory systems in the higher education sector. Regulatory bodies include HESA (Higher Education Statistics Agency), UKVI (UK Visas and Immigration), UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) and SLC (Student Loans Company).
    The current SRS interacts with close to 50 systems. As part of the process of implementing Banner, decisions on what systems to keep or replace will be made.

    Where suitable, existing interfaces will be migrated from eCSIS to the new system. We will continue to use Moodle. Modules will continue to be synchronised between it and the new system. However, the structure of modules in Moodle will be updated to match the new system.

    In addition to Moodle, there are about 30 interfaces that will continue to be used with the new system. We will also add some new interfaces such as WPM, which will replace our existing card payment system.

    Although the Academic Framework Review is a separate project from the new Student Information system, we are working to ensure that our new system is flexible enough to support any academic structure and policies that the AFR intends to implement. 

    If you have any questions about the Academic Framework please go here.

    The SRS Programme and key stakeholders have been collaborating with other institutions to share best practice. This has included user groups relating to Finance, Admissions and HESA reporting, as well as the Banner UK User Group. In addition, in May several key stakeholders and SRS Team members are attending the Ellucian Europe user conference in Bath, Somerset, to share best practice with higher education peers.
    Part of the implementation of the new system involves transferring all data for current students and any students who completed and/or left on or after 1st September 2016. This includes students’ biographical data, course and finance details, amongst several other categories.
    1. Operational Reporting: For each work stream which is in scope for the SRS programme we will capture reporting requirements and provide the required reports either via the reporting functionality in CRM Recruit or with new Argos reports. After developing reports we will coordinate training and testing and provide rollout support (e.g. user accounts and security grouping) as well as early life support leading to handover into business as usual.
    2. Existing Reporting Solutions: Existing reporting solutions e.g. Business Objects (Finance) and Qlikview (APTT) will continue to operate and we will work with the relevant teams to adjust the reports provided by those reporting platforms to reflect the data in Banner. Support for these reports will continue to be provided by the existing BaU teams.
    3. Strategic Reporting: Qlikview will continue to provide reports on a strategic level and we will continue to work with the Data Warehouse project which will be the future source of strategic reports and reports on data aggregated from multiple systems.
    4. Satellite System Integration: We will re-integrate all satellite systems which are listed and approved as part of the SRS integration strategy. This will ensure that those systems receive the required data feeds from Banner and that reports provided from those satellite systems continue to be accurate.
    Student Support Coordinators currently perform a lot of programme checking. This involves instances when a student requires support from student support coordinators (and others) to understand the options open to them for the remainder of their course of study. The SRS Team along with Subject Matter Experts from the areas in the University that will be using Banner are currently learning about the module registration functionality in the new system and exploring the different options available.
    Staff will be able to log their interactions with students in Banner. This can be done, for example, in the form of comments. Other staff may also be able to see the history of interactions that a particular student has had with staff members, as appropriate.
    From August 2019 all students will use their Student Information to enrol and choose their programme modules. Access to services within the current system (PIP) will be removed.
    All 'current' students plus 3 years of graduated students will be moved across to the new system.