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  • About the SRS

    Below you can find out key facts including what areas within the University will be hosted in Banner as well as who makes decisions in the SRS.

  • Ellucian Global Ltd.

    Ellucian is a United States-based company that provides technology solutions and services to help higher education institutions achieve success for their students. The company has provided software services to academic institutions in Europe and around the globe. Ellucian has been in the market for more than 40 years and today they serve 2,400 institutions and 18 million students in 40 countries. Ellucian staff will be working with the SRS Team to implement Banner. For more information about Ellucian, please visit their website.

    1. Bangor University
    2. BPP University College of Professional Studies
    3. Durham University
    4. Greenwich School of Management
    5. Heriot-Watt University
    6. Imperial College London
    7. Leeds Beckett University
    8. Middlesex University
    9. Nottingham Trent University
    10. Royal Holloway-University of London
    11. University of Birmingham
    12. University of Central Lancashire
    13. University of Greenwich
    14. University of Leeds
    15. University of Liverpool
    16. University of Salford
    17. University of Southampton
    18. University of the West of Scotland
    19. University of Ulster
    1. Enabling better decision-making processes. 
    2. Facilitating more efficient ways of working.  
    3. Creating a better student and staff experience.  
    4. Reducing institutional risk associated with the current SRS.

    SRS programme scope

    The Student Records System (SRS) programme will also include students and areas such as postgraduate research.

    Curriculum and portfolio management

    Admissions and student finance

    Exams, assessment and progression

    Enrolment and registration

    Case management


    1. Scoping

    2. Procurement

    3. Implementation

    Scoping was the process of building an understanding of the current usage of the system and identifying future options.

    Procurement involved choosing the purchasing route for a SRS solution and reviewing relevant service providers.

    Implementation includes aspects such as product optimisation, system integration, testing, updating, data migration, process integration and staff training.

    PA Consulting

    The University's main strategic partner is PA Consulting. This company specialises in supporting universities manage complex transformation programmes. The PA team has been providing support and advice to the University in all the stages of the SRS Programme. For more information about PA Consulting, please visit their website.