SRS timeline

  • Key milestones of the SRS Programme

    Different functionalities of the system will go live at different times.

    February - March 2018

    Admissions User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

    Staff will assist in submitting mock applications using the new system. These applications will then be processed “as if for real” by Admissions and other relevant teams within the University. This will be a large scale trial involving between 800-1,500 applications going through the new system. While the system will not be live at this stage, it will be configured and fully-functioning. This exercise will allow staff to interact with the system before it goes live and thus spot any outstanding issues or bugs. Participation of staff in this exercise will be determined through their managers and should you be required to take part, you will be notified well in advance.


    July 2018

    Curriculum Go-Live

    At this stage, all necessary Programme and Module data will be in Banner. Only teams involved in creating and maintaining the student curriculum, such as teams within Student Central, will be using Banner at this point.


    September 2018

    Admissions/Application Processing Go-Live

    At this time, a new Applicant Portal will be accessible to people applying directly to study at Oxford Brookes in Sept. 2018 for courses beginning in Jan. 2019 and in all future starting sessions.


    February 2019

    Enrolment and module selection UAT

    UAT commenced in February. Within this period, there will be a mock enrolment and module selection. Part of this testing will seek the participation of students. 


    June 2019

    At this point, all of the following areas of the system will be live.

    Enrolment, module selection

    All students currently studying at Oxford Brookes will have been moved to the new system. All the relevant staff, such as student advisors, academics and Student Central staff will be able to access all the student information that they would typically require to support a student’s journey.

    Graduation management

    Banner’s functionality for Graduation management will be live at this point.

    Assessment, exam committees, student progression

    Banner’s functionality for assessment, exam committees and student progression will also be live at this point.


    December 2019

    Decommission of Legacy System

    At this time, the expectation is that the new system will be up-and-running and working well. However, eCSIS will remain live for 6 months after June 2019, as a back-up in case any issues arise. Once the University is happy that Banner is working well, it will decide what archiving options to implement and finally a decision will be made to turn off eCSIS and dispose the hardware.

    Note on staff training

    Training will take place as close to the Go-Live times as possible and colleagues who need to be trained will be contacted well in advance. To determine these times, the SRS Programme team will be liaising with heads of departments and directors to identify the best times to train people.