• Training and support for Banner SRS

    You'll find a range of guides and online tutorials available in the SRS Moodle course. The SRS training team also provide live webinar-based training and practice sessions as new functionality is added, and at regular points throughout the year. Details of upcoming sessions can be found below. If you are unsure which aspects of training you need to complete, please check this with your line manager.

    If you have a query about training, please email

    Upcoming training sessions


  • This short e-learning course is for staff based in our partner colleges involved in the teaching, management, or liaison of partnership programmes.

    This short course has been developed for affiliate staff and covers system orientation with a focus on mark entry. Originally the training ran as a blended learning course over a two week period (between 1 June to 12 June, 2020) and incorporated discussion forums and video conferencing Q&A sessions. The course is no longer running in this format, the forums are no longer being moderated for example, however, you are welcome to go through the course materials at your own pace.

    Access the 'Onboarding course for affiliate staff' (note, you will need your staff number as you will be asked for your Oxford Brookes login credentials).

    Staff with responsibility for mark entry are required to complete the online mark entry tutorial available on the SRS Moodle course. The training is online and self-paced and you can spread the independent practice out over a few days to fit in with your schedule. To enrol on the course:

    1. Go to and enter your Brookes staff number and password.
    2. Use the course search panel to search for 'Student Record System'.
    3. Click on the title of the course to select it, then select 'Enrol'.
    4. Select the 'Mark Entry' unit.

    Following the completion of the mark entry tutorial, we recommend that you check your module, and assessment component, setup in the system as soon as possible to allow time for any issues to be reported and resolved (instructions on the SRS Moodle course).

    If you do find an issue with your setup, you should contact your faculty's associate dean of student experience and include your CSI link person in the email (if you don't know, you can email or contact your programme lead/subject coordinator).

    Training materials, including a lecture capture of a recent session, are available to review via the  SRS Moodle course.

    Exam committee training is scheduled around exam committees. If you have not yet received training, and are part of an exam committee, please contact the Programme Support Team at 

    Who is this training for?

    This training is for Brookes employees who would need to gain access to admissions data via Argos as part of their role. The aim of this training is to introduce you to admissions reports available through Argos, and to also highlight key data security considerations that you will need to be aware of.

    Completion of this training is a prerequisite for gaining access to Admissions reports in Argos.

    What will this training cover?

    This training will overview the following topics:

    • What is Argos?
    • Access to Admissions data
    • Reports:
      • Biographical data
      • Statistical data
    • Final considerations


    1 hour

    How to I sign up for this training?

    This training is delivered as an online course. Visit the SRS Moodle course and log into Moodle using your regular Oxford Brookes credentials. You will then need to select 'Enrol' to sign up to the course. Alternatively, you could log in to Moodle and search for the Student Record System course.

    • Once you click Enrol, you will be able to access the Argos: Admissions Reports tab with all further information.

    Aim: to provide staff with an initial introduction to the Banner Student Record System (SRS), how to navigate and things to be aware of when using the system.

    Who is this training for?

    This training is specific to the Administrative interface in Banner. It is aimed at staff who manage records as part of their role (i.e if you use eCSIS currently you will use this interface of the system).


    If you are only using PIP at present, then this training might not be relevant to your role. Please speak to your line manager if you are unsure whether or not you require training in this area of the Student Records System.

    What will these sessions cover?

    These sessions provide information on the general use of the administrative interface of the system, basic navigation and some of the key functionality including:

    • What is Banner?
    • Logging in to the system
    • Finding general person information
    • Menu Options

    At the end of this session you will have a general understanding of how to use the system, in preparation for more comprehensive training.

    Dates for training on the specific functionality of Banner related to your role will be communicated out through your team shortly.

    Please note: some of the sessions include hands-on training (held in computer rooms), whilst others are demonstrations only (held in regular teaching rooms). At the same time you are welcome to bring your work laptop/chromebook with you to the Demo sessions if you want to replicate the steps demonstrated on the main screen on your computer.

    Book on to a training session

    On-demand training is available for staff that work wth eCSIS. Please email for more information.

  • Online resources and guides


  • All the online resources and guides for using the new Student Information pages, are available within the SRS Moodle Course. To access this course:

    1. Go to the SRS Moodle course welcome page.
    2. Log in to Moodle when prompted using your usual Brookes login details.
    3. Select 'Enrol'.
    4. The content is split into tabs covering different areas of system functionality - for example, to view a lecture capture video from one of the introductory Student Information sessions for staff (August-September 2019) go to the Student Information tab.
    The Banner Curriculum Guide provides an explanation of the new programme codes along with details of the programme structures. This is worth familiarising yourself with as these codes can be used to automatically generate programme email lists. You'll also find details of how to generate module email lists.

    To access the guide, go to the Student Information unit of the SRS Moodle course.

    If you would like a refresher on enrolment, please visit the Enrolment unit of the SRS Moodle course. Here you will find a guide to enrolment for staff (including using the Argos reports) along with a video demo of the screens.

    If you require access to the Enrolment Report in Argos, please contact Samuel Gilbert.

    In terms of advice to students on completing enrolment, there are videos for students on the 'Your Academic Studies' page and 'How to complete online enrolment' guidance on the Brookes website  

    There is also additional guidance on Module Registration.


    If you require refresher training on module registration, you will find relevant resources, including short videos, in the SRS Moodle course. You'll also find guidance on how to use the staff view of the 'My Programme Requirements' screens and who to contact for error resolution.

    We recommend you also review the guidance given to students on the Brookes website for Module Registration.

    For further support and advice on programme structure and requirements specific to each programme, please refer students to a Student Support Co-ordinator (SSC) in your faculty.

    Student Information sessions for staff ran between June and November 2019. If you would like a refresher, please visit the SRS Moodle course where you'll find:

    • A video of a Student Information training session
    • A Student Information practice guide
    • Guidance on how to use the new programme and module email lists to contact groups of students
    • A Banner Curriculum Guide - a guide to the new programme codes, module codes and programme structures
    • A comprehensive, searchable list of FAQs (please consult this before emailing queries)
    • A glossary



    Check for reasonable adjustments and ISPs


    Reasonable Adjustment information, includes Individual Support Plans (ISPs) previously referred to as Disability Equality Memos (DEMs). You can look up ISP info in two ways: using the Student Information pages and using the Argos reporting tool.

    From the Student Information pages:

    1. Select 'Reasonable Adjustments'
    2. Select a Term
    3. Enter the student ID
    4. Click on the student ID to view the details which will appear below. For more detailed guidance, including screenshots, please see p.51 of the Student Information practice guide (above).

    For details of how to look up ISP information using Argos, please refer to the steps in the Argos User Guide (p.13).

    If you don't get any results when you run a search, you'll need to confirm that you are recorded as a module leader/advisor for the student against the relevant term. You can check the first by going to the Faculty and Advisors menu, then >Module Catalogue to search for the module (you'll find the information about the named instructors in 'View Sections'). To check if you are recorded as the advisor, select >Advising Student Profile, from the menu, enter the student ID and 'View profile'.

    To request this information is updated, please email

  • Students

  • For video guides covering Online Enrolment, and Module Registration, please visit the Your Student Information page.

  • Further support

    If you are a student, and have any questions about your Student Information pages, please contact the Student Central Advice Team

    Staff with access issues, please ask your line manager to make a request for access using the IT access request page, to do this

    1. Go to
    2. Select >IT Service Requests >Access to university information systems >Access to corporate data systems for new and changed employees
    3. Check the box: Student Information (Banner Self-service)

    If you need to report an error in the data held on the system, please contact the  Student Records and Curriculum Management team (previously known as CSA).